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Did you know that in some countries your taxi driver could also be picking up your food? One such example is ‘Uber Eats’. Uber Eats is a food delivery platform that allows you as a customer to get that food you have been craving all day, delivered right to your door-step. Uber which is headquartered in California, U.S.A came up with the ‘Uber Eats’ concept back in 2014, and had the potential of growing to the North and South American regions, Europe, Australia and New Zealand, Asia, and Africa.

Success of PickMe

PickMe being a Technological Mobility Solutions Provider which is still relatively young, has gained colossal potential to expand its service portfolio. They are equipped with an experienced management team – i.e. amongst PickMe’s own experienced heads, the Deputy Chairman from John Keells Holdings, Ajit Gunewardene and Group Chief Information Officer from LOLC, Conrad Dias are also collectively a part of this dynamic team. Other giants such as; MAS Holdings and Hidramani too have on-boarded as investors. PickMe was launched in June 2015, nevertheless, by September 2015 they were able to capture a local reach of 75,000 users and 2,000 taxis. Do keep in mind that all this happened in a span of just 3 months! PickMe had also already raised LKR 150 million from private funding by that time. PickMe promises continuous innovation and upgrading without any disruption to their quality ensuring better convenience to the already hooked and future potential customers.  All of this adds up to the assurance of the comprehensive potential that PickMe possesses to be the ‘Uber Eats in Sri Lanka’.


Memes about food
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Here’s 3 main reasons why PickMe should be the Sri Lankan Uber Eats:

1- Convenient and economic for “foodies” – Customer’s standpoint

Memes about food

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Just the way PickMe brought convenience when it came to traveling for so many Sri Lankans, they can now bring convenience when it comes to something more vital for everyday lives, which is food! Majority of the youth here in Sri Lanka are well-informed and curious in trying out every new café, restaurant, bar, pub, pizza shops, and every new experience. Moreover, increasing number of the middle and aging population too are well-aware due to the persistent use of social media. This is where PickMe can add to their convenience of getting the meal they desire in just a click. After a long, tiring, and productive day they would not have to dread about making that instant noodles, instead they will be able to order a freshly prepared hot meal delivered right to their doorstep. The fact that PickMe has the existing competence of a savvy app will only make it easier for PickMe to start off. Moreover, it is cost-effective for the user because they would not have to travel to and fro in order to pick up their meal.

2- First-mover advantage – PickMe’s standpoint

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Kudos to Quickee.lk for being one of the most effective distribution services which includes food delivery, and shout-out to Foodie.lk for being one of the most convenient and user-friendly online food ordering website. However, neither Quickee.lk nor Foodie.lk have an app designed similar to that of Uber Eats: where the user is able to track their delivery and delivery person from the time the order is made up until the order reaches the customer’s home.

PickMe, on the other hand, as mentioned earlier having the added advantage of the know-how of designing an app could swiftly come up with an advanced extension that could be as good as the Uber Eats app or even better! This could enable PickMe to have the privilege of being the first mover which would provide PickMe the platform to establish a strong brand recognition with which customer loyalty could be established before other potential future competitors can come enter into the market. PickMe gets to set a benchmark in regard to features of the service, prices, quality, customer service, and others but keeping in mind that exploitation is not an option

3- Technology-as-a-Service Playbook for a Developing Nation – Country’s Standpoint

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PickMe meeting the standards of a service provided by Uber – which provides some of the finest services to developed and increasing number of developing countries, would mean that the standard of living of Sri Lankan people are likely to rise. Sri Lankans would not have to miss out on the wider advanced service choices available out there in the world anymore.

Furthermore, PickMe could create more jobs for the country within a growing industry. This would enable PickMe to become one of the significant employers reducing unemployment rates of 4.2% as of 3rd January 2018 (Source: tradingeconomics.com) – supporting overall economic development.


Growth of Tourism Rates in Sri Lanka
Growth of Tourism Rates in Sri Lanka

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Furthermore, as proven by the above stated statistical data, Sri Lanka’s tourism rates are growing rapidly, especially once the civil war that lasted for almost 30 years was ended. With high-levels of Sri Lankan Tourism Statistics compromising of visitors from Europe and The Americas would mean that these individuals are related to this concept back in their homeland. Yes, it may be true that a part of the whole “traveling experience” is trying the local street food rather than using a similar service to Uber Eats that they use back home. But, it is only human to research on services such as food and transport in addition to the conventional research they would do on lodging and site seeing. Hence, in order for Sri Lanka to become more attractive compared to other tourist destinations like Bali, Singapore, Thailand, and others, local businesses like PickMe should allocate resources in providing the latest services like Uber Eats in order to boost the tourism industry by providing high-quality services to the tourists who visit Sri Lanka. Such innovative upgrade in services may result in re-visits and fresh visits by tourists which may enable the Sri Lankan government to gain revenue through tourists’ spending. This revenue gained could be re-injected into the local economy for developing essentials, such as: education, healthcare, and other long-term investments.

So there we go – PickMe coming up with a service similar to that of Uber Eats is not only going to be beneficial to the end-customer, instead, it is likely to have a positive impact on the future growth of PickMe and also our country – Sri Lanka.

Pickme is a startup that has conquered the Sri Lankan Market. To find out more about the Startups in Sri Lanka:

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