Dhammika Perera
He is the richest man in Sri Lanka

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UPDATE (15-02-18): With the most recent development, we have added an 8th fact.

Dhammika Perera is one of Sri Lanka’s most powerful businessmen and is currently the richest person in the country. He is the founding Chairman and Managing Director of Vallibel One PLC. Vallibel One manages a portfolio of diverse businesses ranging from sectors such as consumer and finance to leisure and ceramics. In addition to this he holds several other positions in many companies. He is the Chairman of Sampath bank PLC, Delmege Limited, Vallibel Finance PLC, Vallibel Power Erathna PLC and he is also the Deputy Chairman of Hayleys PLC, Royal Ceramics Lanka PLC, Lanka Ceramic PLC and LB Finance PLC. He is also on the board of companies such as Amaya Leisure PLC, The Kingsbury PLC, Lanka Floortiles PLC and Orit Apparels Lanka (Pvt) Limited.

He gave one of his most powerful speeches at the 37th National Conference of Chartered Accountants in 2016. In this he mentioned the most important things one must have to be successful. He mentioned how to solve a problem, by breaking it into smaller, simplified tasks. He also mentioned how it is important to identify the most important task and prioritize accordingly. He expresses how important it is to communicate with others and question everything that is unfamiliar, as it helps gather knowledge.

In honor of Mr. Dhammika Perera celebrating his birthday and in celebrating the start of a new year we have decided to take a look at the 7 most interesting facts about him.

  1. He dropped out of high school to pursue his business ventures

    He began studying at Taxila Central College, Horana and went on to join the University of Moratuwa to do his further studies. After joining the Institute of Technology to complete the National Diploma in Technology Mr. Perera decided to drop out in order to pursue his business ventures further.

  2. His story isn’t from Rags to Riches

    Unlike many other inspirational stories, Mr. Perera’s story doesn’t include poverty. His grandfather was the richest man in Payagala at the time as he owned many paddy lands. Mr. Perera’s father was a retail shop trader and his mother was a teacher.

  3. His first major investment was in Slot Machines

    After initially renting out slot machines, he decided to go to Taiwan for technical training. Once he returned three months later, he started a business making slot machines.

  4. He started investing in the share market in the year 1996

    He started his exploits in the share market by initially investing Rs. 300,000 and studying the share market for a further 4 years.

  5. He made a brilliant 20 year plan

    In 1999 with the help of Mr. Nadeem Ul Haque, he created a master plan to become the market leader in each of the 12 sectors by the year 2019. He has already succeeded in 9 different sectors apart from the Health, insurance and the telecom sectors.

  6. He hopes of making 4 More Vallibel companies

    Apart from the already existing Vallibel 1, Mr. Perera hopes on making a Vallibel 2, Vallibel 3, Vallibel 4 and Vallibel 5 with the view of handing them over to his children.

  7. He has served in top government positions

    Apart from his multiple businesses, he has also served in top government positions under the previous regime. He was the chairman of Sri Lanka’s Board of Investments for 3 years, he served as Sri Lanka’s secretary of transport and he was also a member of the Strategic Enterprise Management Agency.

    UPDATE (15-02-18): With the most recent development, we have added an 8th fact.

  8. He owns the most expensive car in Sri Lanka
    Mr. Dhammika Perera's Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark
    Mr. Dhammika Perera’s Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark


He owns the last of the 50 Bentley Mulsanne Hallmark‘s available in the entire world. The price comes up to a staggering Rs. 160 million (Rs. 84 million on the car and Rs. 76 million for the duty cost). It is the first and only one in South Asia and the most expensive car in Sri Lanka at present.

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