Omentra is Sri Lanka’s largest Online B2B Marketplace

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Just months after Omentra’s launch, it has gained a reputation for providing business solutions and making the procurement process more convenient and efficient for businesses. With its growth in popularity and increase in use by vendors and buyers, it has become a one stop solution for all businesses. With its increasing status we take a look at the top 10 most asked questions about Omentra.

1.What is Omentra?

Omentra is Sri Lanka’s largest online Business to Business (B2B) marketplace. It is a revolution in the global e-commerce as it simplifies procurement needs of businesses.

2.What does Omentra mean?

Omentra is the Greek word for ‘Freedom’,  which is what we provide to our Customers and Vendors with our services.

3.What products do Omentra offer?

Omentra assists businesses find products which include:

The 8 categories of Omentra

4. How does Omentra make the procurement process easier?

Omentra provides a wide variety of services which simplify the procurement process. Some of the possibilities provided by Omentra are:

  • Large number of reputed and reliable “B2B Suppliers


  • Detailed Information” on products / services / suppliers
  • Compare” products / services / suppliers
  • Make an inquiry” to get further information as required

Make an inquiry

  • Download “Quotations and Details

Download quotation

  • Buy Online” in a few clicks
  • Decision Supporter” to ease your decision making
  • Request “Financing Options” for your B2B purchases
  • Buy Requests” to tell us what you want in two simple clicks

5. What is a buy request?


Cannot find what you’re looking for? Let us know and we will find it for you.

A buy request enables buyers to avoid the hassle of having to spend time finding the products they require. Simply give us the details of the product you are looking for and we will provide you with the best possible options. To place a buy request CLICK HERE and fill in the details.

6. How do I make inquiries?

To make an inquiry, select the product you wish and Click ‘MAKE AN INQUIRY’ and fill in the details.

7. What is Solution Guru?

Solution Guru is a great place for startup companies to find the best options in relation to their products and services procurement needs in order to set up office.

To visit Solution Guru CLICK HERE

Solution Guru

8. What is the on-boarding process for vendors?

The on-boarding process for vendors
The on-boarding process for vendors

To join Omentra as a vendor CLICK HERE and fill in your details. Once the form is submitted, the vendor will be contacted by our business development team. They will provide all the details necessary and get you on boarded with us.

The registration process will be free of charge till the 31th of December 2017.

9. What is the onboarding process for buyers?

The on-boarding process for buyers
The on-boarding process for buyers

To join Omentra as a buyer CLICK HERE and fill in your details. Once the form is submitted, an email will be sent to the buyer confirming the process.

The registration process will be free of charge. By becoming a registered member you will be entitled to receive certain benefits in the future such as discounts and other offers.

10. Why should you use Omentra?

You should use Omentra as we provide you with superior customer service and simplify your procurement needs.

Why you should you Omentra
Why you should you Omentra

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