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What is Net Neutrality?

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Net Neutrality is what keeps the internet open and free. It prohibits internet service providers from speeding up, slowing down, or blocking any content, applications or websites you want to use. It preserves the right to free speech, without net neutrality the internet is not the internet.

There have been many mixed opinions in recent years over net neutrality. During last year’s inauguration of the Global Conference on Cyberspace in New Delhi, India, Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe made a statement in support of net neutrality:

“Net neutrality lowers the barriers of entry by preserving the Internet as a fair and level playing field and helps businesses and entrepreneurs to thrive online.” Also adding that Sri Lanka is “committed to make progressive and revolutionary steps” towards ensuring net neutrality.

While others have opposed; The Republican-led Federal Communications voted to repeal net neutrality, which has caused a huge global debate regarding this.

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Why do Businesses need Net Neutrality?

1- Launch a Business or a Product

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In the 21st century the internet is a vital part of running a business. Hence, net neutrality is crucial for startups, small businesses and entrepreneurs to launch their business and get the word out there. Using the internet is the best way a business could receive valuable feedback about their business and products and also to communicate with their existing and potential customers.

2- Make your Business stand out

Using social media is the best way a business can show their customers the products that they have to offer as compared to their competitors. Net neutrality encourages competition and innovation by putting everything into equal terms, where every business will have an equal chance of attracting customers.

3- Prevent Market Failure

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If net neutrality was repealed then only certain companies would be able to pay to ensure that customers get the same service speed. This means that other companies would be losing out, especially startups who would not be able to bear such a significant cost. This would ruin the competitive nature of the business world by creating monopolies in markets.

Without Net Neutrality, the next Google or Facebook will never get off the ground!

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Should we actually repeal Net Neutrality?

  • Repealing net neutrality would restrict users from being able to illegally download software which usually end up causing huge losses for businesses.
  • It is also in the best interest of the consumer as some level of restriction is imperative to protect the customers.
  • Large companies such as Google, Facebook, etc would not have a controlling stake on how people use the internet and stream their content.

There are many arguments for both sides – for and against net neutrality. Let us know if you are for or against Net Neutrality and why.


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