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Written by – Siyathma at OmeBiz

We talked to a few of the startups that were present at Infotel 2017 from the 2nd – 5th of November 2017 at the Startup Pavilion. Infotel 2017 was a great opportunity for these startups to get the word out there about their business, get more leads and even get some valuable feedback.

To read about what happened at Infotel 2017, read our previous article.


Gudppl is a platform that helps you connect with beneficiaries to make the entire world a better place.


ShoutOUT at Infotel 2017

Let’s you send targeted, personalized messages and engage with your customers.
  • Contact Number – 0771340512
  • Email –
  • Facebook – ShoutOUT
  • Instagram – labsshoutout

1- Tell us a little about your company (business organization) and what product or service you’re marketing?

ShoutOUT is a messaging platform that allows you to send personalized messages in bulk to your customers. To do so, it collects data from the business and then sends targeted messages to different customer segments. These messages can be via SMS, emails, or social media.

2- How is it different from your competitor’s product/service?

  • Both emails and SMS
  • Personalization

3- Tell us about your success and about the challenges you have tackled

The company was founded by three undergraduates at the University of Peradeniya. Firstly it was branded as Square Mobile and during last year we rebranded our product as ShoutOUT and the initial product went through some massive changes.

The main challenges were getting into the market, getting our first customer, getting the right mix of people. Currently, ShoutOUT has 983 trial users in 71 cities, who have run 3110 campaigns, and 90 of its paying customers are in Sri Lanka which includes companies such as Reckitt Benckiser, Certis Lanka, Dress Factory, Paan Paan, Next Campus.

4- What is next for your organization?

We are planning to get more clients in different markets and improve our product and services.


Alakazm is a sidekick bot available on messenger, which connects into your marketing mediums and provide you deep insights into your audiences.


IgniterSpace at Infotel 2017

Inspires kids to be creative and provide them with guidance on technology and engineering.
  • Registrations for programs at the flagship centers – (could be done at the innovation center as well)
  • Registrations for IgniterBee –
  • Contact Number – 0777206228

1- Tell us a little about your company (business organization) and what product or service you’re marketing?

IgniterSpace is Sri Lanka’s first established Makerspace for children. Our mission is to foster innovation & creativity in youth and children around the world. IgniterSpace has an unorthodox approach to education where we focus more on the passion, creative skills and learnability aspects of education rather than just the theoretical knowledge. The prime goal of IgniterSpace is to change the behavior and thinking of our future generations to make them more creative and innovation savvy.

IgniterSpace has expanded rapidly over the past 20 months of its existence. It has already served more than 24,000 maker sessions with for 1000+ students through our flagship makerspace programs, and another 600+ students free of charge through our corporate philanthropy program.

The following products are delivered by IgniterSpace as of now –

IgniterSpace MakerSpace Sessions: It is for kids of 5-15 years of age, to help them be more innovative and creative throughout the activities they engage within a makerspace environment. We have a planned and structured education model, raise with more than 1 year of extensive research, hands-on learning and real-world observations. Currently, there are 4 physical flagship makerspaces at Narahenpita, Negombo, Gampaha and Moratuwa in Sri Lanka.

IgniterBee MakerSpace-in-a-crate: Helps to facilitate the educational institutes to setup and operate Makerspaces. IgniterBee is a complete MakerSpace-in-a-crate offering that provides required tooling, software, syllabus, infrastructure, trainings etc. for the setup, and then service the makerspace with continuously with supply of craft material, tech components, activity packs and tooling.

IgniterBee Home MakerSpace Delivery: For students with no access to a physical Makerspace, we have introduced a cost effective home delivery service of innovation packs. Parents can subscribe at  to receive monthly packs to inspire student creativity. This is a global product offering open for the international market.

2- How is it different from your competitor’s product/service?

We believe knowledge without skills is of no real use. In world where learning ability is significant than qualifications we try to make each session something new inspiring and remarkable for them. At each class students make a new creation, learning cross disciplinary concepts such as mechanics, electronics, robotics and computer programming. We educate them around design thinking principles such as observation, empathy, prototyping etc. Our activities are diverse and provide a wide learning experience to prepare them for the unknown tomorrow.

3- Tell us about your success and about the challenges you have tackled

The biggest challenge we had to face as an educational institute was to educate and make Sri Lanka’s parents understand the maker’s mindset. We want to foster innovation, free thinking and independent activity in children. Getting this concept to the society was the most important and challenging factor for us, having 1000+ children and 4 branches in operation we believe we are successfully meeting these limits.

Also we won the Aavishkar Impact Award and became the 1st runners up at Venture Engine 2017. We also became finalists at e-swabhimani 2017.

4- What is next for your organization?

The vision of IgniterSpace is to make creative education accessible to every child in the world. Currently our efforts are mainly on raising awareness around the need for a change in the education model. Currently IgniterSpace is well positioned to provide the global thought leadership on Maker education for children.

Following the trend, we expect more schools and communities to set up Makerspaces alongside with the libraries and other lab environments in near future. With the expertise and economies of scale IgniterBee Makerspace-in-a-crate offering will be more effective for creativity and cost efficient than setting up by their own. This is a large Market globally in the education space. Within a month into the launch, IgniterSpace already have few schools and NGOs as customers of MakerSpace-in-a-crate offering.

We expect ‘IgniterBee Makerspace-in-a-crate’ to reach global B2C market in a scale when more awareness is raised around the need for creative education.

The future role out plan of IgniterSpace is aligned criteria –

  • Provide quality education
  • Reduce Inequalities
  • Inspire innovations
  • Reduce Poverty
  • Gender equality
  • Encourage responsible consumption and production
  • Partnership for goals
To read more about the startups that attended Infotel 2017, stay tuned for part 2.


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