Cartoons about the Sri Lankan Government 

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Sri Lanka’s local elections are going to be held today. For the past few days we have all various parties holding meetings by the side of the road and driving around in vans with loudspeakers, talking about why people should vote for them. There are various parties running for elections this time hence it is vital that everyone goes out and vote, to make a wise decision for yourself and for the entire country. This election is expected to be the largest election in Sri Lankan history.

New Electoral System

Cartoons about the Sri Lankan government


This year there is a new electoral system where everyone votes for a party rather than the members. It would help voters appoint someone from their own ward and thus make government more familiar to the people.

60 % – of members will be elected using first-past-the-post voting (choose a candidate of their choice and the one with the most votes win)

40 % – of members will be elected through closed list proportional representation (the political party has already decided beforehand on who will receive the seats)

Sri Lanka is taking commendable steps towards taking the first steps to reduce gender inequality. However, there is still a long way to go for our country. According to Section 27F of the Amendment, 25 percent of the total number of members in each local authority have to be women. Note that this is an overall percentage for the Local Government body.

How will the Local Elections help Businesses?

Cartoons about the Sri Lankan Government


Better Infrastructure

This is vital for Businesses as it affects their supply chain. The better the infrastructure the less time travel takes which would reduce cost for a business drastically. It could also mean that it could provide a solution for the flooding problems we faced last year. This would specially help out SMEs who would not be able to bear such a high cost and avoid such losses.

Further, better infrastructure in Sri Lanka would mean that there would be less traffic on the roads. This would help employees to come to work on time and not be stuck in traffic for long hours after work as well. It is quite difficult to get to work for most workers with the heavy traffic at morning times and even more stressful in the evening when they have to get back home. This makes workers work life very unpleasant.

Cleaner Environment

The garbage problem being solved by disposing off garbage in the proper manner would not only bring advantages to the community but to businesses as well. This would mean that there is more land for businesses to acquire and invest on.

A cleaner environment would also mean that foreign multinationals would also be interested in investing in our country.

A clean environment means a more healthy country. This would make it better for businesses as their workers would be safer and healthy which means that companies could be more productive.


The political party that you choose has a huge impact on the regulations imposed on businesses and the economy of the country. The more rules and regulations posed on businesses could make things troublesome. This would discourage the formation of SMEs which would cause an adverse impact on the economy as they are the potential leading businesses of the future.

Also, if bad decisions are taken to upset the economy this would have a direct influence on all businesses in the country drastically.

Community Service

Building day care centers and good and safe places for people to live in would help more women to be able to come to work. Currently, most women in Sri Lanka are forced to stay at home as they have no way of being able to work and take care of their children at the same time.  By providing them the means to resolve this issue this would allow women more freedom to be able to work.

However, actions speak louder than words. The real question is with all these promises to make our country a better place, will anyone actually keep their word and continue to do so?

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