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Organizations usually plan business strategies and focus mainly on attaining their future goals. However, most businesses neglect to consider the security of their company into their contingency plans until they face such a problem. Businesses usually do not invest in security measures as they do not make a financial gain. However, it will help a business not make a financial loss and have a safe environment for the employees, customers and the organization itself.

It is very costly for the business when their valuable assets get stolen or damaged. Its even more dangerous for a business when their highly confidential information such as financial information, customer information, etc. would get out to the competitors and public.

In 2016 there had been 3455 cases reported for Robbery, 75 cases reported for Praedial Products Theft over Rs.25,000/- and 5448 cases reported for properties theft over Rs.25,000/- in Sri Lanka. In these cases security cameras are an important assets for all commercial businesses, having high quality security cameras in the right places can be very beneficial.

Benefits of having a High Quality Security System

 Low Cost and Risk

CCTV Security Systems are a great investment, they give you a full view of your premises and records what happens on real time. This could be accessed from online by an owner or a manager which reduces costs and due to burglary, fire, vandalism, etc.

Protect the assets of your business

The presence of CCTV Security Systems tend to discourage theft and also it would provide proof for the law enforcement. This proof could also be used to protect your organization against fraudulent lawsuits. Hence the organization would not be able to be falsely accused.

Also, a business could use passwords, access cards and biometric scanners to ensure that authorized employees are given access to sensitive information. However, employees must make sure that they have not written their passwords anywhere and their access cards are always with them. Hence, it would be more advisable to use biometric scanners mainly.

Safeguard your employees

Employees are the most important asset in a business. Hence, it is vital that you fulfill your responsibility of taking care of your employees. If not, this could affect the business due to tedious law suits filed against the company. This could protect them, especially when they are working in shops and in other organizations this could also avoid them from any harassment or abuse.

 Improve productivity

CCTV Security Systems not only provide security to a business but it could be used to monitor and record employee activities. This could also be used to monitor the safety and productivity of machinery. This could cut costs of hiring personnel to monitor the machinery and employees.

However, a business should be careful as some employees would feel like this would be an invasion of their privacy.

Getting your money back

CCTV Security Systems would ensure that you have the proof to get your money back from your Insurance Company. It would be less likely for fraudulent claims to be made against the business, such claims could ruin a business’ reputation.

Factors to consider when installing a security system

  • The space of the company – It should not interfere with the walls or structure of the business. Also, if the business is planning to grow in the future then you should make sure of having the option to add on, move or change the plan.
  • Type of Camera – There are many options such as cameras that could be easily hidden, detect motion, night vision cameras, etc. The business should first come up with an effective system before selecting the type of cameras they need.
  • Instant Alerting – This would ensure the fastest possible response from emergency services, police forces and firefighters.
  • Mobile Features – By being able to monitor what is going on in the business at all times, owners and respective managers can have a peace of mind.

It is better to be safer than sorry. Even if a high quality security system would cost a lot for a business, it is a good investment. Using a good security system would make most criminals reluctant as well as giving a higher possibility of catching criminals.

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