Cyber security
Cyber security is important

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With the development of technology in the past few years Cyber Crime has been rapidly increasing. It is estimated that the world incurs around $450 Billion every year due to Cyber Crime. Due to technology becoming increasingly inter connected, the rise of having important information being leaked online rises. As people are becoming more and more dependent on technology they should be prepared for any unexpected situation. Therefore, it is necessary to take precaution by adding security to any form of technology used nowadays.

Earlier this year Sri Lanka CERT|CC conducted a “Hacking Challenge” and an “Information Security Quiz” as a part of the Cyber Security week to raise awareness of potential threats.

Cyber Security is necessary to minimize potential threats. This helps prevent unauthorized access and protects privacy of users.

Why do we need Cyber Security?

To secure important information

Cyber Security is required to protect important information ranging from business secrets to classified government information. Acquiring a security system may help prevent Cyber Crime and it will add further protection to your computer. Securing a business’s secrets is crucial for its longevity hence acquiring a Cyber security system is important.

Cyber hackers can cause major damage


The loss is always greater than the cost

The cost of installing a Cyber Security system may be fraction of the cost that is incurred due to Cyber Hacking. This gives all the more reason to acquire a Cyber Security system as it is an investment rather than a cost. Taking preventive measures to ensure safety from hacking may help save a lot of money and resources.

Increasing danger of the threat

Apart from the number of threats increasing, the danger posed by these threats has also increased. Cyber Hackers have hacked into government networks in the past and leaked classified information, and the possibility of this happening again is at its highest. Due to this reason many governments have invested heavily on Cyber Security.

The incident that comes into mind is when a 17 year old boy was able to hack into President Maithripala Sirisena’s website. A message was posted demanding that the April exams be postponed and the website be made more secure.

An alarming problem about this is that there are multiple parties that exploit Cyber Security problems benefiting from Cyber Crime. These parties include:

  • Cyber criminals
  • Cyber terrorists
  • Hacktivists
  • Hackers
Protecting of data is important


How can we minimize the risk?

Due to the above reasons obtaining maximum security is essential in order to keep your software protected.

  • Anti-virus guard – This can be used to prevent or remove unsafe software and it provides protection from other computer threats. It also provides real time protection, on access scanning and it monitors the computer for possible bugs or viruses.
  • Fire walls – This helps establish a barrier between internal networks and unfamiliar external networks. Network fire walls also help limit access to the outside for internal users for security purposes.
  • Access policies – An essential part in a large organization is having certain Access policies. It is used as information in an organization is constantly exchanged between parties. Access policies define standards required to connect to an organizations network.

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