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Who are They and What Do They Do?

Arimac is a digital solutions company which specializes in nearly everything and anything to do with technology. From Video games, Artificial Intelligence, Web solutions, and more, Arimac is on the cutting edge of future technology and innovation. You may have seen their advertisement recently on the Sunday Time’s paper. This was in relation to Sri Lanka’s very first AR-enabled recruitment advertisement. The application (IOS/Android) allows for an interactive session when going through the recruitment process. With pop-out graphics and designs, this would be an appealing method of advertising and very well could be the future.

Have a look at this short clip to get a better understanding:


In a nutshell, Arimac provides what companies can only dream of and turn those dreams into reality with the use of modern technology. Their team is able to navigate through tough markets and brainstorm great ideas in order to produce cutting-edge innovative technology for their local and international clients and our Sri Lankan Community as a whole.

What Have They Done So Far?



Kanchayudha- Sri Lankas first free roam video game
Kanchayudha- Sri Lanka’s first free roam video game


Their most famous work prior to the AR recruitment would be Kanchayudha. It is a free to roam role-playing game just like famous games such as Assassins Creed, Grand Theft Auto, and Red Dead Redemption. However, the uniqueness of this game is its very realistic generation of Sri Lanka’s landscapes and architecture. Following the theme is its storyline of various Sri Lankan folklore and tales. However, the main character is not related to any particular prehistoric figure. You can give the game a try HERE.



Chakra- Sri Lanka's very own temple run
Chakra- Sri Lanka’s very own temple run


Arimac has also made other games such as Chakra. Chakra is very similar to the famous mobile games such as Temple Run and Subway Surfer. Chakra is a fast-paced game which involves going through hoops with increases in speed. You can give the game a try here on either Android or IOS.



Kimaki- a difficult but addictive game for your smartphone
Kimaki- a difficult but addictive game for your smartphone


The Journey of Kimaki is such another game, following in the footsteps of the infamous Flappy Bird game. The Journey of Kimaki is a simple yet challenging game which like its predecessor is highly addictive.You can give the game a try here on either Android or IOS.


Robotics and Artificial Intelligence

Dialog and Arimac's next customer service assistant
Dialog and Arimac’s next customer service assistant


Arimac has also collaborated with Dialog Axiata in order to create a humanoid robot with the function of Customer Assistant at the Dialog Iconic flagship store. This cloud-based tech could be helpful in various industries such as hospitality, schools, hospitals and possibly in your own homes.

At the recent Google I/O event 2018 the company gave attendees a sneak peek of “Diyazen”. Arimac showcased the main features such as a touch display, fast processor speeds as well as camera’s and infrared sensors to navigate. Pre-orders are said to begin towards December 2018.


Apps and Web Solutions

Additionally, Arimac has provided solutions to many organizations such as Coca-Colas every dealer survey (EDS) which is an application which allows for the identification of Coca-Colas retail stores. The company has also created a mobile app (Android) for museums in Sri Lanka which was developed for the department of National Museum. The app allows for highlights about the museums and their artifacts. Therefore with the help of the app visitors can seamlessly listen to information about artifacts in a shorter amount of time.


Arimac has some high-end clients and even some international ones as stated. This is due to their highly functional team as well as their implementation of cutting-edge technology. Some of their clientele as stated earlier are Dialog AxiataCoca-Cola AmatilMicrosoftMASHemasSri Lankan AirlinesBrandix3MEmiratesLowe LDBNestleJWTOgilvy, and Unilever.

Keys to Arimac’s Success

Arimac's CEO Chamira Jayasinghe
Arimac’s CEO Chamira Jayasinghe


Arimac CEO Chamira Jayasinghe believes that there are 5 steps that he has implemented that ensure results from their organization.

Hire staff with experience instead of various paper qualifications – 80% of their team is self-taught software specialists.

Don’t be afraid of setting a high bar for projects– This is the main concept that Arimac is all about. They are not afraid of going big on projects because that’s where the success lies.

Facebook should be your “Go-To” recruitment tool– Looking for creative people can be difficult especially through CVs and through social media sites such LinkedIn. However, “you should consider connecting over Facebook”, says  Jayasinghe. The difference of Facebook-based recruitment being that you would be able to find individuals with hobbies in line with their work. These individuals are not afraid to showcase their passion with friends and family, hence they post on Facebook. Funnily enough, Jayasinghe recruited both his co-founder and lead animator after seeing their work published on Facebook.

Constantly innovate and move from project to project– Always stay ahead of the curb by learning about the market and never limit yourself or your team. “We have to create our own paradigm shift”, Jayasinghe says.

Show your clients what is possible – It is easy to proclaim that you will be able to accomplish what your client wants. However, you should always put your best foot forward and show your clients what is possible and push forth with a good product and service.

Arimac at Google I/O Event 2018

Founder and CEO of Arimac Chamira Jayasinghe at the Google IO Extended Sri Lanka 2018.
Founder and CEO of Arimac Chamira Jayasinghe at the Google IO Extended Event 2018.


Sasrutha & Maya

Sasrutha is a comprehensive cognitive platform that the company has been working on for the past 2 years. It comprises of an 18 core AI module. Maya is a conversational and transactional bot. Arimac has joined forces with Dialog Axiata to run tests on Maya. They also announced at the event that they have attained a contract with Etihad for their mobility solution. Maya’s cognitive chat board has dialogue management, natural language understanding, natural language generation, sentiment analysis and FAQ making modules. Maya can be hosted within any companies’ systems without the worry of any data leak or security issues since the system will be held in a closed environment.


wynkAR the first augmented reality recruitment advertisement in Asia.
wynkAR the first augmented reality recruitment advertisement in Asia.


The Arimac team is proud of their brand and go on to say that they are the first Sri Lankan company to make a cognitive platform. They had also introduced WynkAR and stated that they might be even the first within Asia to launch an Augmented Reality recruitment platform. You can try the app here either on IOS or Android

Mini Games

The CEO ended his speech at the Google I/O event by playing the trailer of the upcoming video game called Nero which encompasses a story of one of the best snipers of the Sri Lankan Army within the Sri Lankan history. The proceeds of the game will go towards the cause of helping the families of those war heroes and service personnel. Till then you can enjoy their many other fun games on their platform IMI Games.

This is the just the tip of the iceberg, as there are many more projects that the company has its hands in. For now, we are on the edge of our seats to see where the company is heading. Leave us your comments on what you think of Arimac.

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