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Nathan Sivagananathan is one of the young leading corporate leaders in Sri Lanka. He is the chief growth officer at MAS Holdings. Mr. Nathan is also a part of the director board at Dunamis Capital PLC as of 18th December 2017. Dunamis Capital is a strategic investor with principal interests in financial services, real estate development and manufacturing.

In 2015, Mr. Sivagananathan was titled as an Eisenhower fellow; an international program that identifies outstanding leaders.

1- Lived in the UK since the age of 5


His years in the UK have prepared him well for the Sri Lankan work environment. Nathan Sivagananathan graduated with a degree in Engineering Management from the University of Hertfordshire. He highly recommends starting a part-time degree in the UK while working part-time. He returned back to Sri Lanka in 1996.

2- 14 and hired!

He worked at a bakery during his holidays. His vision of being an entrepreneur started off at a very young age when he decided to sell the leftovers at a petrol station convenience store. At first, they refused to give money upfront but they agreed to put the sandwiches on their shelves. Later, it took off as they started selling over 1,000 sandwiches a night. After a certain point, Nathan was running the business himself and he had his own chain of vehicles to drop & pick supplies.

Another instance was when he was at university, where he bought a car from his savings for £150, modified the car with just £30 and then finally sold it off for £350.

3- Going up the ladder

Nathan Sivagananathan was just 23 when he joined MAS Holdings as an operations manager, and at the age of 25, he was the youngest general manager at MAS Holdings. He was already on the board of directors by the age of 32!

4- Top 40 under 40


Echelon listed Nathan Sivagananathan as number 1 in the ‘Top 40 under 40 Business Athletes’ in 2014.

His other achievements also include being a winner of the 2013 ‘Ten Outstanding Young Persons’, in the Business Economical and Entrepreneurial Accomplishment category of Junior Chamber International Sri Lanka.

5- Taking MAS to US $2 Billion by 2020


As the chief growth officer at MAS Holdings, Nathan Sivagananathan will help the organization achieve their goal of US$ 2 Billion by 2020. He continuously looks into new business opportunities and to double the growth of MAS Holdings.

6- He is not just business minded

Not only has he excelled in the world of business but he has taken marvellous steps in philanthropic work as well.

  • Co-founded the Colours of Courage Trust which helps to raise funds to support the National Cancer Institute in Maharagama.
  • Vice President of Soms, a non-profit organization which provides needy individuals with eye exams and custom fit eyeglasses.

7- He walked across Sri Lanka in 27 days


In 2011, Nathan Sivagananathan and Sarinda Unamboowe founded ‘Trail’. They walked a span of 27 days across the country, where 200,000 Sri Lankans united to build a cancer hospital in the northern region.

Also for the first time, there was an online platform for crowdsourcing in Sri Lanka, where they raised US $2.5 Million from across the globe.

Learn more about Trail >>

In 2016, they retraced their steps back to the south to build the third public cancer facility in Sri Lanka where they raised another US $ 2.6 Million.

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