Tips for Decorating your office for christmas
Tips for Decorating your Office for Christmas

Written by – Siyathma at OmeBiz

1. Never leave everything till the last minute

Always plan ahead of time, so, that you have enough time to buy the decorations and decorate accordingly. This way you can get all the good deals, otherwise you are going to end up with horrible decorations for twice the price.

2. Fix a budget and stick to it

Everybody knows how imperative it is to fix a budget before spending on decorations, food for parties, gifts, etc. But no matter how much we plan, most people tend to exceed the budget. This causes so many problems with the management and then you would have to put your own money at times.

3. Create a shopping list

To make sure that you don’t exceed the budget, always make sure you plan way ahead of time and hunt for the best deals in decorations and gifts. Try not to get too carried away by spending on unnecessary things. Make a check list and follow it.

4. Identify a person to be in charge

Pick a person who is good at working within time limits and a budget. This particular person can create a team and delegate the tasks accordingly. This would help everyone be time efficient and get multiple tasks done at one time.

5. Pick a theme when decorating

Nothing is more unattractive than seeing a cluttered office with mismatched decorations. There should be a flow and consistency with your design.

Streamers can be used to decorate around cubicle work spaces as well

Some of the popular themes this year is to go with –

  • The traditional red, gold and silver theme

Source: Pinterest

  • White Christmas

Source: Pinterest

Source: Pinterest

This could either include all white decorations or get a white Christmas tree which would add a unique touch.

  • Silver and Blue

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  • Oversized Ornaments

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  • Festive Fairy Lights

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LED Light strings can not only be used on the tree itself but custom decorations can also be made to add some cheer onto your desks. On the bright side, besides making your office space look cheerful, it hardly takes any time.

  • Starry Christmas

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