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There are many Smartphones out there in the market currently. This gives the advantage of providing us with many options but it also puts us in the difficult position of choosing the right phone that will suit our needs and most importantly, is worth the money that we spend. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 is releasing on the 25th of September in Sri Lanka and here is a list of reasons why every corporate employee needs one.

The Infinity Display

Source: Samsung.com

The 6”3 screen is the largest ever screen on a Note device which gives you the best of both worlds of using a tablet and a phone, this means that you will have to carry around less devices. This is currently the largest screen out there in the smartphone market. The larger screen will help all corporate employees to read their emails and documents much more easily, there is less need to scroll. As a businessperson, you might need to have video chat meetings with your colleagues, partners, etc. Which you can now do on the go with this larger than life screen.


Source: Samsung.com

There is so much to do and so little time left, multi-tasking is the only way we can possibly finish everything in this fast paced world. The 18.5:9 ratio screen on the Samsung Galaxy Note8 is made for multi-tasking. The App Pair functionality, will help you use two apps at the same time, side-by-side.

S Pen

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The S Pen is going to be your best friend, it’s going to help you take notes easily during meetings, which you could now do without having to unlock your phone. It’s so hard to keep track of everything that you have to remember, which is why the option of pinning your notes on the Always on Display option is going to make your work life much easier.

The S Pen will help you save time by being able to sign documents on your phone and you could now annotate documents, magnify and glance through apps.

If you are a graphic designer, you could now easily draw on your phone with the selection of brushes, pens and colors available with the help of the very precise S Pen. To top it all off, the best part of the S Pen is that it is battery free.


Source: Samsung.com

If you are a Graphic designer, an Architect or even a Civil Engineer you would know the importance of taking clear and crisp pictures for your work. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 lets you zoom in clearly and even let you take good quality pictures in the dark because of its Dual Pixel Sensor. There are many modes that can be used, one that would help you a lot if you are a restaurant owner is the ‘food mode’ option, this will help you take good quality pictures of the delicious food on your website which will attract many customers.


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With all the work you have to do, you simply do not have the time to deal with your phone lagging. The 10nm mobile processor works with the 6GB RAM makes the performance of the phone very fast and seamless. The Galaxy Note8 supports both gigabit LTE and gigabit Wi-Fi which gives you superior connection speed. You could also expand the storage memory up to 265GB to save all your important work related data all in one place.

Moreover, you could save all your sensitive data without any worry as your phone will protect your data by using security methods such as Iris scan, Fingerprint scan, and Face recognition.

Wireless Charging

Source: Samsung.com

Now you do not have to waste time looking for a socket to charge your phone, you could wirelessly charge your phone which you could carry anywhere with ease. You can easily convert it to be a pad or a stand, so that you could lay your phone on portrait or landscape mode and use your phone while you charge as well.

It is very easy to transfer data from your old Smart Phone to the Galaxy Note8 without any hassle. The Samsung Galaxy Note8 will make your work life much faster and more efficient.

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